So you may not know this about me, but I really like dogs. Like a whole lot. I would own approximately 47 of them if wasn't for my voice of reason other half telling me that it's probably not the best idea considering we have two toddlers. Whatevs.

But seriously, your dog is part of your family; our wee sausage Frankie was our beginner child until we had the real human kind. When our two did arrive she got bumped down the chain a bit but nevertheless she is still adored and shown on the daily through lots of lovely cuddles and not so lovely toddler squeezes. 

So if I was getting married tomorrow then Franks would have to be there - she's family! I'm a huge fan on involving pets in weddings and have plenty of ideas if you're looking for a way to include them.

Bupa asked me and a bunch of other talented vendors about our best tips for getting your pets involved on your big day; so head on over to the Bupa website to check it out! 

Photo by the talented Jess Jackson Photographer